What is Left.

Whenever I get to feel this way, try to find new words to say,
I think about the bad old days
We used to know.
Nights of winter turn me cold, fears of dying, getting old.
We ran the race and the race was won.
By running slowly.
Could be soon well cease to sound, slowly upstairs, faster down.
Then to revisit stony grounds,
We used to know.
Remembering mornings, shillings spent, made no sense to leave the bed.
The bad old days they came and went
Giving way to fruitful years.
Saving up the birds in hand, while in the bush the others land.
Take what we can before the man
Says its time to go.

Each to his own way Ill go mine.
Best of luck in what you find.
But for your own sake remember times
We used to know.

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Sad Peter Pan είπε...

something for free something for you
something for me from out of the blue
something is wrong something is right
something has called from out of the night
what does it mean? why do you need to know?
here's a song from deep in the hole
the night that you came to the hole where i hid
when they let you down it's all you need to know
here's a song from deep in the hole...